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bunch of songs i wrote for an east coast tour with D'blanc
I just talked over all the songs for lyrics.


released July 3, 2014



all rights reserved


klincewicz San Diego, California

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Track Name: Waterboy
I've been calling your name in the middle of the night,
Say the word and I'll be there right by your side.
I don't wanna look in the mirror, it's getting clearer
move on over (out of here)...

In a pastel dream i saw the shapes and the letters,
It was all getting clearer.
Take my hand in your hand and lets go for a walk,
I just wanna be the one you talk about....
talk about....

I was going no where fast and i don't believe it's all just a dream.
Stayed up late in the morning, now i'm feeling so tired,
I cant stop yawning...

Won't you hold me a little tighter,
Its so cold outside.
Won't you come just a little closer,
It's all my heart desires...

It's you... It's you....
It's you...
It's you.. Ohhhh
Track Name: patience
I feel i'm ruining my luster,
with impatience... be patient....
I feel that i'm much less in person,
than on paper... on paper...

Not sayin' much,
Uhh get lost,
Go home.
Blissfully i see tripple hearts and i blink,
thin lips pale skin, dreaming of you....

Pale blue sheets, i walked past,
and i can hear the birds sing in my head....

I don't need a thing, i don't need a thing, i don't need a thing...
but you... Oooo

Thin toes, cold,
holding one another.

a boy walks into a botanical garden,
and sees nothing but bliss.
There's a site less pure, orientated, roll...over.
Slipping in and out,
of a pastel dream... so it seems...

And i love love love you...
and i miss miss.. miss you
and you don't even know my name.

come back come back come back come back....
Track Name: cigarettes
Quiet hands, hero's eyes, and an open breeze,
save it please, i just don't need you here right now....Ooooo...

Light a cigarette and go out in a blaze of glory... or whatever...
save your stories for the press, their interested in us,
we don't need a thing we don't need anyone....

Flipping pages all the same, i don't wanna hear a thing,
i'm just sleeping, let me... let me dream tonight....
I know i know i know i know it'll be all right with time....

Hold on tight to erase the tatters, anything you like,
any thing is better with a little bit of love... just a little bit of love

I don't need a thing, with my California future.
I see the sun on the... horizon

And i'm staying in my room, waiting for any one,
any where... anywhere but here but (cuz) i want ya.
let let let let me go....
let me go...
uh here we go....

You know i love ya.... you know i... love ya.... you know i love ya..
you know i love ya
Track Name: solitude
Shifting tides,
Rise and Swell,
Callous light,
Breaks the self.

Evening hides,
beneath the vail,
a moon light sky,
beyond the window sill.

Secluded and,
beaten down,
lonesome now.

Stand up,
the silver ground,
gold is gone,
far beyond.

(dreary eyes, sunkin in,
days go by, pale and thin,
hopefull for, selfless friends,
cant it be, set yourself free)